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What is estate planning?
Estate planning is the process to set up legal arrangements that would meet your needs if you were to be disabled or to die. Typically, these plans include a minimization of tax impacts and minimize court involvement. They can include the preparation of a revocable living trust, wills, community property agreements, nomination of guardian, irrevocable trusts and other documents necessary to prepare for death. Preparation for disability may include durable powers of attorney for management and for health care.

Bottom line, estate planning is protecting your family and being prepared.

Do I need an attorney? Is it expensive?
It is always wise to consult with an attorney on these matters. I offer a FREE initial consultation that will review what you need to do and what I recommend. Due to the complexity of estate administration in California and the federal estate tax law, this is not an area to enter uninformed. An estate plan prepared by an attorney will offer you peace of mind and a quality that is well worth it.

What is an estate?
An estate is anything you own or have rights to and may include your home, bank accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance, inheritable assets, etc.
Should I have an estate plan?

All adults should have an estate plan. It is particularly crucial if you have children, own assets approaching $100,000, own any real estate, have life insurance, have any health care concerns, or are married. In short, it’s worth a free consultation to see if you need one.

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