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Website Contents 
Zion's Camp: information, registration, etc...
2013 Poway Stake Scouting Calendar   New Dates!!
2013 Stake Merit Badge Nights (Feb, Mar, May, Oct, & Nov - 2nd Wed @TP) **
Zion's Camp Information: No Stake Camoree in 2013!
Scout Unit Re-charter (Oct. 9th)
Other Activities, Information and Stuff...
Scout Leader Training
Scout Roundtables
Varsity & Venture Huddles & Activities Triathlon, Rendezvous
Eagle Project Counselors and Eagle Project Workbook
            11 Year-old & New Scout Information

** To get on the email list for Stake Merit Badge Night information, send an email request to: powaystakeym@gmail.com


       LDS Relations Newsletter          BSA Lawsuit Information -- (more details)
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2013 Poway Stake Friends of Scouting fundraising campaign

Letter from Poway Stake Presidency

FOS Brochure

The Poway LDS Stake will hold it's annual FOS kick-off meeting on Thursday, February 13th, at 7PM at the Twin Peaks Building, following the Unit Commissioners meeting. Asked to be in attendance are the Unit Commissioners and FOS Chairman or Unit Chairman and bishopric member over the YM.

President Monson feels the teachings of the Church and Scouting values go hand in hand saying, "In this world where some misguided men and women strive to tear down and destroy great movements such as Scouting, I am pleased to stand firm for an organization that teaches duty to God and country, that embraces the Scout Laws. Yes, an organization whose motto is ‘Be prepared' and whose slogan is ‘Do a good turn daily,' "Much has been said in the media of late regarding Scouting. Let me affirm that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has not diminished in any way its support of the Scouting movement.

President Dahlquist, the General YM President, said this about Friends of Scouting:
"We also hear complaints about Friends of Scouting and how difficult it is to raise the money. I have noted that most often the complaints come from those areas of the Church that are most able to pay. It has nothing to do with ability to pay and everything to do with attitude.

President Hammond, the past General YM President said, “Scouting is important! Scouting has never been more powerful or important to the church than it is right now. The brethren have never been more solidly behind Scouting than they are now. Duty to God replacing Scouting? – “That’s baloney.” We (the brethren) endorse it, and we want you to. Friends of Scouting—We believe in it! How much is a boy worth? Just do it, go after it. You don’t tell people how much they’re supposed to give, just ask them to contribute... Three fourths of the stake could give $160 a year and not even blink an eye. Be strong and go forward."

President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “The time has come for us to stand a little taller, to lift our eyes and stretch our minds to a greater comprehension and understanding of the grand millennial mission of this the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS. This is the season to be strong. It is a time to move forward without hesitation, knowing the mission . .. It is a time to do what is right, regardless of the consequences that might follow. We have nothing to fear. God is at the helm. He will overrule for the good of the work.”

Who Pays for Scouting?

Here is a link to more FOS information...

A.   Recurring Meetings:

1. Roundtable (Cubs & Scouts)

Every 2nd Thursday
Black Mtn (Poway, RB, SD), 7:30PM Poway Stake Center
Pacific Crest (Ramona, Julian), 7:00PM Ramona Chapel

2. Venture/Varsity Huddle

Every third Thursday* on ODD months
7:00PM PQ Stake Center Primary room
January is the 100% Huddle for ALL Varsity/Venture leaders
* except Sep. which is on 2nd Thurs due to Varsity Rendezvous

3. Unit Commissioners (UC) meeting

Every 2nd Thursday
Black Mtn (Poway, RB, SD), 7:00PM Poway Stake Center
Pacific Crest (Ramona, Julian), 6:30PM Ramona Chapel

4. LDS / BSA Relations mtg.

Quarterly (January, April, October - skip July)
4th Tuesday, 7PM, PQ Stake HC room

2013 Scouting Dates
New Dates!

- Poway Stake Scouting Activity Calendar Details -

Jan 17
: Varsity/Venturing 100% Huddle, PQ Stake Center

Feb 3: Scout Sunday
Feb 13: Stake Merit Badge Night, 7PM Twin Peaks building, Sabre Springs ward host

Mar 2:
Scouting for Food, distribute bags 9-12, All age Scouts
Mar 9:
Scouting for Food, collect food bags 9-12, All age Scouts

Mar 13: Stake Merit Badge Night, 7PM Twin Peaks building, Lake Poway ward host

Apr 20: BSA Scout Fair at Qualcomm Stadium
Apr 19-20: Stake Youth Conference
Apr 27
: Varsity Triathlon, 6:15AM Registration at Fiesta Island

May 8
Stake Merit Badge Night, 7PM Twin Peaks building, Twin Peaks ward host

May 16-18: Wood Badge (Weekend #1)

Jun 6-8: Wood Badge (Weekend #2)
Jun 27-July 1: 11 year-old Scout Trailblazer camp at Fiesta Island

Jul 8-13: Zion's Camp at Mataguay (All YM 12-18)
Jul 20: Varsity on-target, Sat morning signaling from various mountains

Sep 20-21: Varsity Rendezvous, Mataguay, website

Oct 9: Stake Merit Badge Night, 7PM Twin Peaks building, Highland Valley/Julian ward host
Oct 9: Recharter packets & Training for CC's at TP bldg. 7PM
Oct XX: Stake Camporee at Mataguay -- NO STAKE CAMPOREE IN 2013...

Nov 13: Stake Merit Badge Night, 7PM Twin Peaks building, Ramona/Ramona Oaks ward host

Dec 1: Poway Stake BSA Re-chartering packets due

This list does not include all Council or District activities which you should also plug into your calendars-

Other Council activities

Black Mountain District News and Calendar
Pacific Crest District News and Calendar

B.   2013 Poway Stake Merit Badge Nights


To get on the email list for Stake Merit Badge Night information, send an email request to:


Stake Merit Badge nights are
held in the Twin Peaks building.

Please try to arrive by 6:45 so that we can be in our seats to START on time at 7PM... It is difficult for the counselor to hold an effective class when boys are arriving late and unprepared. We will start the meetings on promptly! Scouts and leaders from the PQ Stake are now joining us. Counselors from PQ are idendified with (PQ) after their names.

Parents and leaders: Scouts must be in class "A" uniforms and be on time. They should bring paper and pen and a Merit Badge "blue card" as well as materials they need to pass off any requirements.

BEFORE coming to the Stake Merit Badge night, review the Merit Badge requirements. Get the Merit Badge book and study. Do any pre-requisites identified by the Counselor. Download any applicable workbooks. Get a Blue Card and fill it out BEFOREHAND. Have your Scoutmaster sign it. THEN come to Merit Badge night...

Scoutmasters: Please ensure your Scouts are prepared beforehand...

Merit Badge
Feb. 13
Sabre Springs host
Carl Moberly
Dentistry Brandon Jergensen
Personal Management Scott Bramwell
  Search and Rescue Rob Bair


Steve Sharp (PQ)

Mar. 13
Lake Poway host
Art Steve Sharp
  Automotive Maintenance Brendan Hayne
Citizenship in the World Mark Morris
First Aid Michael Neal
Chess Art Johnson
  Electricity Alan Schumann
May 8
Twin Peaks host
Astronomy Brian Wetzker
Citzizenship in the Nation Dave Walton - PQ
Marty Bramwell
  Steve Stone
  Golf John Hale - PQ
Oct. 9
Highland Valley/Julian host
  for info...  
Nov. 13
Ramona/Ramona Oaks host

* Required for Eagle

** Note: The purpose of Stake Merit Badge night is not to be able to complete a merit badge in ONE meeting. Like any troop meeting with a guest counselor, the objective is to introduce the Scouts to an experienced counselor and maybe, MAYBE pass off some requirements. --
Don't forget to bring SIGNED blue cards!


If you want to see any particular Merit Badges or can assist as an instructor, call me
FYI: ALL Merit Badge Counselors must renew with BSA every year they wish to remain a Merit Badge Counselor. So, if you find that you or someone is not on the current list (you are ONLY using the current list, right? They give you a free copy at Roundtable). Please invite them to renew. It is easy. Here is a link to the MB Counselors Application.
Attention Leaders: Before you sign a Blue Card, you must be certain that the counselor you are sending the Scout to is a valid counselor ON THE LIST and is registered for this
Attention Unit & Advancement Chairmen: Before you record and purchase a Merit Badge you must ascertain that the Merit Badge counselor used is a valid one ON THE LIST for this year. Here is a link to the Council website that lists some of the Merit Badge counselors.

Please read these notes on Group Instruction for Scouts, for Merit Badges...



Link to Past Years Merit Badge Offerings & Counselors

upcoming 2014 Host assignments:

February: Del Norte
March: Del Sury
May: Green Valley
October: Rancho Bernardo
November: Stake YM Leaders

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Zion's Camp 2013 info

Medical Form, Permission Slip, Swim Check forms, etc.


Poway Stake Scouting Camporee -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

WHERE: Mataguay Scout Reservation, MAP
WHAT: Friday night campfire program, Saturday activities.


Units are responsible for their own meals (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch). The Stake will pay the camp fees and program fees.

The Friday night Campfire begins at 8:00. We would like each unit to prepare 1 skit and 1 song or run-on. Please eMail me with details about what you plan to do. President Monroe will join us and will speak with the boys. This is a highlight of the campfire...

We are interested in having some Merit Badges or Scout skills that can be taught on Saturday. If you have anyone in your unit that might be able to teach a Merit Badge or Scout skills, please let me know as soon as possible.

Saturday morning we will hold a flag-raising ceremony at 8:00am at the Fire Ring. We plan to open the program areas from 9-12 and 1-3. Checkout is at 4pm. Will will have special awards for Top Archer and .22 Marksman to hand out at our November Stake MB night.

All Scouts who wish to shoot must bring a permission slip signed beforehand by a parent or guardian.

*All Scouts are invited from your ward. Please join together and bring all Scouts who wouldlike to participate! Signed permission slips are required to be able to shoot .22 rifle and archery. Please get this form signed by parents beforehand!

After unloading all your gear, please park your car (back in) at the Parker Parking Lot by the staff cabins..

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D. Scout Unit Re-chartering
This is the paperwork end of Scouting. Each Ward’s Unit Chairman will be the point-man for re-charter. Keep your registrations up to date and re-charter will be a cinch! Here is the link to Internet Rechartering. There is a tutorial and information to help you get started.

Please review these re-charter instructions prior to our meeting. If you come prepared you can complete your re-charter quickly! If you have any questions, please eMail Steve or call your DE.

Packets will be handed out in October at Commissioner's meeting. We ask that we try to complete them and turn them in before the Thankgiving holiday.

Del Norte, Green Valley, Lake Poway, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Sabre Springs and Twin Peaks wards attend Black Mountain Commissioners Meetings:
WHEN: 2nd Thursday, 7:00PM at Poway LDS Stake Center
DE: Kent Lee, 619-298-6121 x

Highland Valley, Ramona, Ramona Oaks and Julian wards/branch, meet your DE at the Pacific Crest Roundtable: DE: Jeff Young, 619-298-6121 x236
WHEN: 2nd Thursday, 6:30PM at the Ramona LDS church, primary room.

Your Ward's PC has been set up to run reports from MLS to help expedite the Scout re-charter process.


Because you are running a QUALITY program!

“Scouters, through the Scout program, can go out and reach boys
that cannot be reached otherwise.”
N. Eldon Tanner

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E. Other Activities, Information and Fun Stuff...

BSA Popcorn Sales Fundraiser

Here is a link to BSA Popcorn Sales Information, contacts, etc.

The LDS Church BSA Relationship Committee has received endorsement and approval for LDS units to participate in this fundraiser for their Scouts and their Units.
Link to Flyer with Approval Statement.

BSA On-line Internet Advancement

Here is a link to BSA On-line Internet Advancement

Mobile Trading Post is no longer in operation...

For questions or special requests from the Mobile Trading Post, call the Council Service Center (619) 298-6121, ext. 219

BSA On-line Scout Catalog Shopping

Here is a link to BSA On-line Scout Stuff  

Other BSA Events in 2012

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F. Scout Leader Training - Course Overviews
Scout training is held throughout the council and you may take any training class that is convenient to you in terms of time and location.

Yup, since he got "trained", he lets us run the Troop ourselves!

Cub Scouts Leader Training
Boy Scouts Leader Training
Varsity Leader Training
Venturing Leader Training

Boy Scout & Varsity Fast Start Program is a quick ON-LINE orientation for ALL Scout leaders AND Unit Committee members.
The training is divided into five sections:
      * The Troop Meeting
      * The Troop Committee
      * The Outdoor Program
      * Basic Concepts of Scouting
      * The Scout Uniform
You may review these sections all at once, or one at a time (in any order). There is no time limit, nor do you need to review all sections from the same computer.

Here is a link to the BSA eLearning. Create an account and log in then you can take YPG, Fast Start and other BSA on-line training courses.

Youth Protection Training (YPT) is a mandatory training course that is required to be renewed every 2 years for ALL Scout Leaders. YPT is the same for all leaders. So for example, if you have taken if as a Scout leader and now you are in Varsity, you do not need to repeat this course until your two years are up.

This training is an important component of the BSA's strategy to protect its members from child abuse. Parent guides and other resources can be found on BSA's website.
Parents Guide: How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse.

New Leader Essentials (NLE) is a mandatory one-time training for ALL Scout Leaders. NLE is the same for all leaders. So, if you have taken if for Scouting and now you are in Varsity, you do not need to repeat this course.
However, if you have never taken it, or are new to a Scouting calling, please take advantage of this training. NLE will give you the key ingredients to become a good leader. NLE training is held periodically at various locations.

Leader Specific Training (LST) is the third training course. If you are a Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster, Varsity Coach or Assistant Coach or Venturing Advisor or Assistant Advisor, there is specialized training specific to your role in your unit.

Complete Fast-Start, NLE and LST and you can wear the "Trained" patch!
Leader Training Matrix (MS Excel 134KB)

Introduction to Outdoor Skills follows NLE training. This is offered periodically throughout the council. This is the fourth part of training that gives you the skills and knowledge needed to lead your boys into the great outdoors. It is highly recommended for any leader who has not yet taken it or who needs a refresher...

High Activity Leader Training (HALT) provides specialized outdoor training for everything from backpacking (which is great if you are new to backpacking or it has been a long time) to rock climbing and water trek training. Being HALT trained is mandatory if you want to be eligible for your unit to get the really cool HALT awards.
Link to HALT training programs. (you must renew every four years)

Wood Badge for the 21st Century - "Scouting - A Game with a Purpose"
Registrations are now being accepted for the Spring 2012 Wood Badge for the 21st Century course - "Scouting - A Game with a Purpose". On-Line Registration:

Many Scouters consider Wood Badge training to be the peak or "mountaintop" experience in their Scouting career. Wood Badge has served as a source of training and inspiration for thousands of scout leaders worldwide. In return Wood Badge participants have had a positive and profound influence on the lives of millions of America's youth by supporting the Mission of Boy Scouts of America to "Prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law."

The primary purpose of Wood Badge Training is to strengthen Scouting in local units, districts and the council. The Wood Badge course welcomes leaders from all areas of Scouting: Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturing, District and Council volunteers to work together to identify individual goals that will guide and enhance their service to children and youth. These goals are known as the Wood Badge ticket. By completing the ticket, participants learn how they can strengthen the Scouting program wherever they serve and beyond.

The Next course will be in 2012
May 18 - 20 and June 8 - 10, 2012

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G. Roundtables

Our Stake is served by two Districts. If you are in Ramona or Julian you are in the Pacific Crest District. If you are in Poway or RB you are in the Black Mountain District.

Each District has a monthly meeting called a Roundtable. One or more Scout leaders should attend this meeting every month. It is where you hear what is going on, and get insight from other local Scout Leaders. For example, did you know I got FREE Chargers tickets and free parking for 20 of my close (Scouting) friends for the Chargers game? You too could have come had you been attending the Roundtable to find out about it!

There are tons of things happening and Roundtable is where you find it out. It took me a couple years of bumping my head into things before I figured out the best way to run a good Scouting program was to go to Roundtable meetings. Take a buddy. Catch the spirit. Have fun and participate.

   Poway/RB units go to Black Mtn. District, 2nd Thursday
Poway LDS Stake Center
                         Commissioners meeting 7:00PM    
                         Roundtables 7:30PM
   Ramona/Julian units go to PacCrest District Meetings on 2nd Thursday
               at Ramona LDS church

                         Commissioners meeting 6:30PM    
                         Roundtables 7:00PM

Link to Roundtables

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H. Varsity & Venture Huddles & Activities...

Council VARSITY link                                   Council VENTURING link

2010 100% Varsity/Venturing Huddle: January 21st at PQ Stake Center
Varsity &Venture leaders, YM Presidencies, and Bishops and Counselors come to the 100% Huddle. Dinner & Displays at 6PM. Huddle at 7.

Varsity AND Venture Huddles are held every other month (on odd numbered months) at 7:00pm at the LDS PQ Stake Building (56/Ted Williams @ Black Mountain). Contact Barry Baker for details or for any Varsity questions. day: 760-746-0500, eve: 760-480-8855

2010 Varsity Triathlon is on April 24th at 6:30AM at Fiesta Island.
flyer link

2010 Mountain Man Rendezvous is on September 16-17,
link to Rendezvous information

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J. Eagle Scout Information

Eagle Resource links.

As you know, Eagle projects must be first approved by an authorized
Eagle project counselor

We need more counselors in Poway and Ramona! If you are interested in becoming an Eagle Project Counselor (or know someone who would be a good one) please fill out this application and send it to me.

NOTE! The Council has recently changed the Eagle Project Workbook. The new packet is available at the Council Service Center or can be downloaded from the website. The major change is in how letters of recommendation are handled. To bring us into compliance with National policy, Effective January 1, 2004 Desert Pacific Council will no longer accept letters of recommendation which have been returned first to the Scout and turned in with the application. Letters of recommendation must not be handled by the Eagle Scout candidate. Letters should be returned or mailed directly back to your Unit Committee Chairman or appointed designee and held unopened until your Eagle packet and application are turned in. These letters are written to the DPC Eagle Board of Review and not to the Scout and should not be opened or read beforehand by anyone other than the Eagle Board of Review panel. There is a new letter template available with instructions for the Scout, the Reference Writer and the Unit Designee responsible for turning in the letters... Recommendation Letter template. The reference letter template is also included in the new DPC Eagle Packet.

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